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The house that impacts change now that lasts forevermore.
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We are so excited to announce that The Unmarried Wife Ministry is FINALLY opening The Evermore House at partial capacity!

The Unmarried Wife is a 501(c)3 non-profit located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and it is dedicated to catching the women who fall through the cracks.  We are a women’s based outreach ministry that is devoted to giving women of all different races, ages, and backgrounds opportunities to better their life.

Chattanooga has been named the “most churched city” by the American Bible Society for six out of the past seven years, yet we still have alarmingly high rates of homelessness, poverty, and single/unwed motherhood.

Despite being in an area that is so well-churched, women everywhere are falling through the gaps left by the church community at large, which is why our ministry, The UW,  has expanded our non-profit by launching our Christian-based Safe House program for women and children affectionately called The Evermore House.

This program will allow up to 15 women and children to be housed, completely free of charge, for up to one year while they get back on their feet. 

They will have access to free counseling, Christ-centered mentorships, and life-changing job opportunities with in-job training through our corporate partners.

The program is completely free to all who go through it, and it’s truly a chance at a fresh start for the women who are most in need of it.



At The Evermore, women will be connected to every resource that they will need to help better their life and break the cycles of homelessness and addiction.

Our goal in the house is to take every burden that we can off of the women and children who are living there.  For one year, we will take care of their housing and food and other expenses. 

From access to free counseling, gym memberships and financial advisors; to setting residents up in job opportunities designed to support long-term life goals; all the way to cultivating connections with realty and mortgage companies that can help them purchase a home when they graduate– everything is centered in complete healing and freedom through the love and community and intentionality modeled by our Savior Jesus Christ.

Everything that we are doing— we are doing with permanence in mind.

This is why Evermore is not emergency, short-term housing, but rather, a year long advocacy program designed with mental, physical, and spiritual healing in mind.

When you change the life of a woman, you change the life of everyone who comes after her.

The work that we are doing doesn’t just change the lives of the women in front of us— it changes the lives of her children and her children’s children, and her children’s children’s children. 

What we are doing is generational.  What we are building is permanent.

We are not just serving the women by giving them a place to stay— we are teaching them how to live a healed life on their own.

Our goal is serve these women in every single step:  from being the hand that reaches out to pick them up, to teaching them how to live a full life with Jesus, to helping them raise and parent their children in healthy, healing ways, all the way to holding their hands as they’re buying houses and leaving our program to return confidently into the world — we plan to walk through every moment of it alongside of them, supporting them, loving them, and championing them.

The hallmark of our program– what sets us apart– is that we don’t have any requirements on the background of the woman attending.

This means, whether she is homeless, coming from domestic violence, coming out of recovery, or just a woman, down on her luck, she will be able to find a home with us.

This is truly a program for all women.



We are so excited to be able to love and sow into women on a larger scale and even more excited to bring much-needed healing to the Greater Chattanooga area but we need the community’s help.

We are running our For All Women Fundraising Campaign to help raise money and garner support to open up the home.  If you would like to give a one-time donation to the heart of the cause, please click here.

What we currently need more than anything is monthly donors– people who commit to giving $5 or $10 or $25 dollars a month to help with the cost associated with the house, so that we can always offer a home to women in need, completely free of charge.

If you’d like to continually partner with The Unmarried Wife Ministry, we will be in need of monthly sponsors to keep the program running throughout the year.  Please visit our Donate Page at the link below and select the reoccurring payment option to support the women of Chattanooga year round!

To support the cause in style, join us at our Second Annual Building Longer Tables Ball and dance the night away for a good cause!  For more information and to purchase tickets, visit us here!

With your support, we will be able to open at FULL capacity in 2023.  We need the community of Chattanooga to surround us in support for our cause.  Please visit our Contact Us page if you have any questions about our program or how to further support it!

We are excited to change lives in Chattanooga and even more excited that you get to be a part of it!  More updates coming soon!

If you’d like to support, here are some ways how:



donate once or sign up for reoccurring giving to help support the house and the women inside.  Click here to sign up.


we are always in need of volunteers to help clean the house, cook meals, and spend quality time with the women.  visit our volunteer page here to join our family!


we have an amazon wishlist full of supplies needed for the house.  if you love to shop and want to support, this is your way to get the best of both worlds!  click here to browse!





We are so excited to announce that The Evermore is now open at half capacity!  From now until March 2023, we are prioritizing housing women with children, but all are welcome to apply! Click here to apply today and join our family to see permanent change in your future!