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to the bad mother



an open letter to the one who who feels like a bad mother.



to the one who doesn’t belong



an open letter to the one who who feels like they don’t belong.



to the abandoned



an open letter to the one who is abandoned.



 the blood in the cup



what happens when you take communion.



second best



fullness will do.  good will do.  meeting needs will do.  but overflow is better.  don’t settle for second best.



when without



loss, lack, and going without– how do you get it all back?



boundary lines



walls are not always a bad thing.



to be beautiful



he houses beautiful perfume in beautiful vessels.


mother’s day for the motherless



on a holiday where mothers are celebrated, what do the motherless rejoice in?


the belonging



you will never have to force yourself into a place where you belong.


how to be humble



humility is the bridge between anger and forgiveness– but you first have to learn how to be humble.


falling together



we all fall apart.  why not fall together?


loved and lost



is it better to have loved and have lost or to never have loved at all?


breaking and entering



revelation on why god gives us the power of choice.



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